Release notes 22.10

Last updated 10/11/22 with Cogito 22.10 release

What’s New

Developer portal

The public-facing Cogito Developer Portal is live!

The developer portal will achieve the following:

  • Provide a better experience for our customers
  • Save Cogito time by not having to share PDFs via Email
  • Provide Cogito Customers with access to the latest information, no more old PDF versions!
  • Copy and paste code snippets
  • Share our APIs with the goal of increasing adoption
  • Publish Release notes

Safari support

As of October 7th, Cogito’s Dialog web application is compatible with the Safari Web Browser version 15 on Mac OS Monterey.

Enhanced Notification API

The Cogito Notifications API has been enhanced to significantly reduce the network traffic for inbound webhook events. From now on, when creating a subscription to notification events, it is possible to:

  1. Subscribe to notifications of multiple types (both behavioral notifications and CX score) in a single API call.
  2. Specify more than one agent for whom notifications are desired, therefore, reducing traffic on the receiver.

Note that only one subscription may exist for a given user, notification type, and callback URL at any one time. Typically, if such a subscription already exists, an attempt to create a new subscription for the same user, notification type, and callback URL will result in a 409 Conflict error. However, if the recreateIfExists parameter is provided in the request with a value of true, then any such existing subscription will be automatically deleted before creating the requested new subscription.

When a subscription now includes multiple notification types and/or users, then only a subscription exactly matching those notification types and users will be considered as a duplicate, and hence subject to the delete and recreate logic described above if the recreateIfExists parameter is provided in the request. If an attempt is made to create a subscription that partially matches an existing subscription, then that attempt will always result in a 409 Conflict error, even if the recreateIfExists parameter is provided in the request.

Please head over to create subscription endpoint for more information.

Platform bug fixes

  • A call is properly displayed under recent calls as soon as it ends
  • From now on, IMPROVED and TO WORK ON sections in Agent view are properly updated
  • Dialog display has been fixed and is working as expected: all calls recorded in a day are properly displayed
  • Mini Window is working as expected and reflecting proper details after a call has been ended
  • Live tab is properly displaying all recent calls to Supervisors when using email address for login

Platform improvements

  • From now on, topic destinations can be formed and used successfully when a user has an email address as their username
  • updateSubscription and deleteSubscription endpoints have been refactored to use new schema
  • Subscription callback dispatch has been refactored to handle subscriptions with multiple notification types/usernames
  • createSubscription endpoint has been enhanced to support multiple notification types and/or usernames

Salesforce integration bug fixes

  • From now on, the notification closed event is posted before the guidance followed message is displayed to ensure proper display of Toast notifications in Salesforce

Personalized Coaching (hidden behind a feature flag)

Personalized Coaching v2.0 has been released.

The following improvements have been introduced:

  • Plan creation and Goal Tracking
    From now on, supervisors are able to create coaching goal plans for agents who report to them.
  • Agent and Supervisor view
    Supervisors can now create, start and view progress of coaching for their agents. Also, from now on, agents are provided with a view of their coaching goals and progress.
  • Coaching based on TAI (Total Actionable Intensity) metric
    Allows the system to observe, analyze and track the TAI of each individual agent per behavioral notification to determine which behavioral notifications an agent needs to be coached on.
  • Most Important Notifications
    Top 3 TAI notifications are determined as coaching goals the agent needs to achieve, based on the team’s average.
  • Supervisor to Act as the Coach
    The only person who can coach an agent is the supervisor.
  • Support all Behavior Notifications (Empathy)
    All the behavioral notifications, including empathy, from now on, are allowed and supported.
  • Variable Coaching Period and its termination at any time
    A fixed 30-day coaching period has been allowed previously. From now on, supervisors can define a coaching period and terminate it at any time upon necessity once it has started.

Conversation AI (hidden behind a feature flag)

Regex v1.0

Conversation AI topic configuration has been enhanced with Regex. From now on, all standard Regex queries will be supported in configuring the words and phrases we detect to trigger topic notifications. This will greatly simplify the configuration of topics and ensure that trigger word detection is more targeted.

Bug fixes

The following issue has been resolved:

  • Conversation AI functionality is no longer missed in the Reports and All Calls Search views

New Play Call view functionality updates

  • New slide- out drawer for new “Play Call” view has been implemented
  • Feature flag for advanced Play Call view has been added