Release notes 22.11

Last updated 11/11/22 with Cogito 22.11 release

What’s New

New Naming convention for certain UI components

New NameDashboard View affectedName before the change
Guidance Viewed LiveLiveCalls Viewed Live
Call DurationLive, All CallsCall Length, Duration
CX ScoreLiveAVG experience score
CuesLive, Reports, All CallsNotifications
Customer NameAll CallsWith
Agent NameAll CallsName

New tooltips

The following tooltips have been introduced:

Tooltip wordingDashboard View
Cue Management, Team Name, ScoresLive
Use CX SCORE to view Cogito’s real-time numeric evaluation of calls lasting at least 60 seconds.CX score is a measure of the customer's experience on the call. CX is calculated in real time and is represented on a scale of 0-10Reports
Conversation AI TopicsReports
Notifications that appear when undesirable speaking behaviors emergeReports
Team GVL is computed at the call level, it is not the avg percentage of the individual team members' GVLReports
Agent login percentageReports
USE TAI to view the aggregate sum of the individual cue intensities per callReports

Personalized Coaching v2 (hidden behind a feature flag), Service Pack

  • With the introduction of custom duration for a coaching plan, from now on, Cogito will be tracking the scheduled duration and not end date. Therefore, the relevant queries and methods have been updated to deal with the custom duration and not the end date.
  • Cogito has introduced an Error toast, displayed in UI, indicating the failure to apply bulk goals.

Salesforce Integration updates

  • Cogito Dialog from now on, is sending the text of the notification, and a pointer to the Salesforce icon for accommodating Conversation AI feature requirements in the Salesforce application.

New Play Call view functionality updates

  • Speaking timeline, from now on, is visible for live calls.

Configuration of Topics and Keyword groups for CAI (Cogito Admin internal feature)

A new self- service functionality has been introduced to facilitate the configuration of Topics and Keywords. With this improvement, the Cogito Services Team Admins are finally able to configure the essential elements of Conversation AI functionality in no time at all.
For this purpose, a new tab “Conversation” has been added to the Cogito Admin Dialog UI Admin Tools View. Using the “Conversation” tab, the Cogito Admins are able to import configuration files right into the backend without requesting additional help from the engineering team.
It is also possible to download and modify the imported configuration files upon necessity, as well as get all the import execution results in a List View.

Experience Packages (Alpha, in development)

The end goal of the Experience Packages functionality is to allow Cogito Admins to assign a specific Organizational Business Goals ("Emotion AI" AND/OR "Conversation AI" models) to a corresponding group of users based on the call context.
A new tab "Guidance" has been added to the Cogito Admin Dialog UI Admin Tools View for this feature to be supported.

The Beta version of Experience packages will allow a Cogito Admin to upload a pre-made configuration file for a specific tenant, including the following information: Group Name, Organizational information, Emotion (Behavior) model, Conversation model, if supported.