Release notes 23.01

Last updated 01/12/23 with Cogito 23.01 release

What's New

Conversation AI (hidden behind a feature flag)

Sensitive Data Identification and Redaction, real-time guidance

Our Clients may no longer be concerned about sensitive data exposure when choosing to retain their call data.

From now on, Cogito is able to identify sensitive data categories in real time. To this purpose, a new machine learning model (redaction-1.0.0) has been developed. The model is able to identify and redact personally identifiable information (or PII) spoken in English, such as Names, Addresses, Account numbers (including social security numbers), Emails, Birthdates, Credit card numbers and Telephone numbers. A blacklist may optionally be configured to redact additional words beyond those addressed by the aforementioned PII categories.

Cogito allows retaining the redacted call data both in audio and transcribed text formats. Redacted data will have the following characteristics:

  • Stored audio containing PII is masked using a 200 Hz pure tone
  • Transcribed speech containing PII is represented by a REDACTED token in transcripts

New Transcript Display, post call analysis

From now on, the Play Call View will be able to display transcripts of previously recorded calls in a new Transcript panel. This improvement will help Supervisors and others to more efficiently understand the content of those calls, identify coaching opportunities, and discover topics deserving of real-time guidance through Conversation AI configuration.


Note that transcript retention is required to take advantage of the transcript display feature.

CAI Reporting Changes (Reports, All Calls)

With the introduction of regular expressions (Regex) in Conversation AI topic configuration, the following changes have been made to Dialog User Interface:

  • Has Words/Doesn't Have filters have been hidden from the search bar in All Calls view
  • The Keywords pop up has been hidden from the Topic and Keywords section in Reports view

Bug Fixes

  • URL/ Links are now clickable in CAI pop ups for all our clients who are using Companion (Mini Window)

Personalized Coaching v3 (hidden behind a feature flag)

  • From now on, Supervisors are allowed to pick an organizational business goal (e.g. reduce handle time, improve engagement, improve CSAT, improve efficiency) for their teams based on the 3 most impactful notifications
  • The Supervisors are able to assign one or more coaching goals as a common goal for all the Agents on their team in one shot, meaning, it's no longer required to separately pick goals for every single agent being forced to change only one goal at a time