Release notes 23.03

Last updated 03/16/23 with Cogito 23.03 release

What's New

Cogito Admin Dialog improvements

Configuration of Topics and Keyword groups for CAI (Cogito Admin internal feature)

This self- service functionality was first introduced in the 22.11 release as an internal feature for the Cogito Services Team Admins. The current 23.03 release offers the following feature enhancements:

  • Absence-based topics are now offered as a configuration option
  • Delete button has been added to the Conversation tab in addition to the existing Create and Update buttons

Notification API enhancements

The Cogito Notifications API has been enhanced to have the ability of receiving Conversation AI notifications in addition to already supported Behavioral notifications. Check out the Cogito Notifications API section to find out more.

Personalized Coaching enhancements (hidden behind a feature flag)

  • Empathy Behavioural notification has been included in the supported behavioral notification list of Cogito Dialog Reporting section
  • Historical Progress of coaching data has been introduced for Agents, Supervisors and Coaches. This enhancement allows Agents to view how effective they are in addressing the Behavioral notifications during the coaching period. Both Supervisors and Coaches from now on are provided with access to the historical progress of the entire team or Agents who they are currently coaching via a visually- appealing graph

Updates to Signals

Sensitive Data Identification and Redaction (PII) model enhancements

A set of Improvements have been made to the identification and redaction of numerical digits.