Release notes 22.12

Last updated 12/20/22 with Cogito 22.12 release

What’s New

We have some exciting news to share with you: extra efforts have been made to offer our existing and prospective clients an additional set of improvements to the following integrations:

  • Genesys AppFoundry is now offering Cogito as one of the useful solutions for all Genesys platforms
  • User Management sync has been introduced: it allows Telephony Administrators to create their users only once in the Genesys platform, and this background sync will create corresponding user accounts in the Cogito Platform, saving them time

  • a set of fixes for future User Management integration implementation has been made in order to eventually provide our customers with a fully functioning self service User Management
  • User Management sync has been introduced offering the same benefits as for Genesys Cloud

  • Cogito integration with Amazon Connect is up and running: Cogito can now provide real-time guidance for agents who use Amazon Connect as their ACD Platform, leading to improved call outcomes

  • Conversation Artificial Intelligence (CAI) support is now available. CAI is a new unique feature based on automatic speech recognition technology. It is meant to provide Agents customized guidance analyzing detected phrases, words and utterances. It’s also aimed at providing Supervisors and above insights into topic and keyword trends.

To get additional details of how Cogito integrates with with the above mentioned vendors, check out the updated technical documentation available on the Cogito Developer Portal.