get a list of user validation and processing report thumbnails

Get a list of user validation and processing report thumbnails. The items in the list do not contain report details. Each item contains a status field with a value of completed, inprogress or failed (one or more errors occurred). The items are sorted by start time, with the most recent report at the beginning of the list. By default, a maximum of 100 thumbnail objects are returned.

The optional pageNumber (page number) and pageSize (page size) query parameters can be used to specify a range of objects returned. pageNumber identifies the page (block) number of objects, starting with page number 1. The default page number is 1 (first page). The optional pageSize query parameter identifies the number of objects for a given page. For example if pageNumber=1 and pageSize=20, objects 1-20 will be returned.

If pageNumber is <=0 a BadReåquest/400 response will be returned.

If pageSize is <0 or pageSize is >1,000 a BadRequest/400 response will be returned.

To get the total number of objects available without the detailed object data, set pageNumber=1 and pageSize=0 and the object data will be an empty list.