get all users

Get a JSON export of the given domain's users. By default, a maximum of 100 user objects are returned.

The optional pageNumber (page number) and pageSize (page size) query parameters can be used to specify a range of objects returned. pageNumber identifies the page (block) number of objects, starting with page number 1. The default page number is 1 (first page). The optional pageSize query parameter identifies the number of objects for a given page. For example if pageNumber=1 and pageSize=20, objects 1-20 will be returned.

If pageNumber is <=0 a BadRequest/400 response will be returned.

If pageSize is <0 or pageSize is >1,000 a BadRequest/400 response will be returned.

To get the total number of objects available without the detailed object data, set pageNumber=1 and pageSize=0 and the object data will be an empty list.