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Since its inception in 2007, Cogito has been dedicated to equipping frontline teams with real-time emotional intelligence and insights to handle one of the most challenging and stressful jobs. Cogito is a spinout from the MIT Human Dynamics Lab. Our Emotion AI technology was first validated by assisting healthcare providers to detect early signs of PTSD and other mental health disorders in soldiers returning from combat to prevent depression and suicide. It is now helping your customer service teams deliver better experiences, grow into better professionals, and be happier at work.

Cogito's integration features help our customers extend actionable insights from data to contact center intelligence to the contact center ecosystem.

Cogito's Platform

Cogito offers an artificial intelligence coaching system for augmenting the emotional intelligence of phone professionals. Cogito measures how well a conversation is going while it is happening, and then provides real-time, AI-driven coaching to phone professionals, instant measurements of customer perception, and novel business insights.

Our API exists to provide a programmatic means of accessing and utilizing the Cogito system.
Cogito API

Cogito API has been developed to provide programmatic means of accessing and utilizing the Cogito system. This Application Programming Interface (API) is provided to give complete control of all of the features within your application by leveraging any or all features. It also utilizes RESTful architectural principles to facilitate client access to the available service provided by the Cogito System.